Sunday, February 28, 2010

sherlock holmes

i remember being at the forefront of it all. the end of something and the beginning of something new. i remember the feeling of excitement, knocking on your door, and bringing forth the brand new news of the day. we uncovered my life together each day. it was like a fun unsolved case, and i was the principle detector, unraveling the mystery of what was going to happen next. i didn't know what was going to happen next, but i was such a risk taker. i didn't care what was going to happen to me. i was reckless, i suppose. i didn't care that there was no rules. i made up the rules as we went along. i just went with it. we laughed. and on certain odd days, i would cry. i was a complete mess on certain days. but it was all a part of it. the best part of it was not knowing and having only a suspicion of what would happen next. following the facts, or perhaps just pure whim, and going ahead with it. walking ahead with no regrets. and now may i add, the best part of it all was that i was not alone. you were the best accomplice.

and now those days has dissolved into the past.

now i know where the story goes. now i know what i only had suspicions about before. i reached the limits of what others told me i couldn't do all along. and here i am now.

isn't that the best feeling? to follow your instincts, to be right, and to finally unravel that mystery you've been working on for so long? but then what happens after? what do i do with it now, sherlock holmes?

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